There many numerology systems, CardFortune is using the Pythagorean system of numerology to calculate "your life's numbers",
the interpretations and the meanings of these numbers can differ among numerologists. We're using two double-figure master numbers (11, 22).

The actual meanings of the number, drawn largely from the Kabbala and astrology. Enter you full name and Birth Day and Click on the Reading buttons below.

There are four numbers that reflect the various facets of your life:

  • Your Personality Number - It represents that part of you that other people see before they get to know you well. It may or may not be a true image.
  • Your Key Number - It represents you as a whole person and how you interact with others (friends and love ones).
  • Your Destiny Number - It represents life's lessons... this number reveals the influence of your birth name over your destiny in life.
  • Your Heart Number - It represents the inner personality - the basic fabric of your is being calculated from the vowels in your name.
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