Divination with a Crystal Ball. Ask a question and check the Odds  By Clicking on Crystal Ball
Scrying - to see the future through a reflective surface - it has been performed for centuries. Nostradamus (1503-1566) has performed srying to retrieve the visions for his great prophecies.

A good-quality bohemian crystal ball is what you need, a steady mind, devotion and focus in the glass.
Do not expect scenes and pictures rightaway- it will take time and devotion into the task. Keep the ball hidden from the sunlight and in times expose
the ball to the moonlight... always perform scrying at night with candlelights around you on a very clean surface.

Do not have more than one person across from you during readings. Touch the ball and pray to God. With practice you will start to distiguise from clouds, cloud movements to well- defined images have patience... it will take time.

Clean the ball after each reading with warm water and vinegar and wipe with a cloth and finish it with a piece of chamois leather. Do not use paper. Cover the ball after each reading and again never expose it to direct sunlight.

In this illustration we will focus on finding the odds to encourage your actions based on COLOR mist or smoke inside the Crystal.
Remember you cannot answer several questions in once...and this reading is for entertainment purposes only   Good luck!!!

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