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  George Petrohelos Fine Jeweler

Fine jeweler, George Petrohelos creates the sites collection of fine jewelry & amulets. His uniquely impressive fine jewelry creations and designs from several years back to present is unsurpassed.
George is widely respected in his field of expertise. Currently located in offices in central Chicago's diamond district in the 5 S. Wabash bldg.
He continues his very impressive craft of fine jewelry design. George studied diamonds and precious stones at the Gemological Institute of Ameria (GIA) of Chicago.
George Petrohelos was born in Athens, Greece and moved to Chicago in 1967 where he has been in the jewelry business from over 30 years.

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Michael Odysseus Yakoumakis (Athens, Greece) The Chariot VII Tarot Card

The Chariot - Michel Odysseus Yakoumakis Michael Odysseus Yakoumakis (Athens, Greece) - The Chariot VII Tarot Card

"I have chosen the Chariot as much as It, has chosen me... When I have been invited by Elsa at the Stuckist Tarot Exhibition, most of the cards were already chosen by others. Four were remaining and as I left one more week to pass before making up my mind finnaly to participate, two were left. The Chariot and The Tower.

In the beginning I was intrigued by the Tower: Being a Greek and living in Greece nowadays, gives me the opportunity to experience the final crisis and dismantling of our Western Civilization first hand and - moreover - right where this dismantling appears at its more advanced stage. By some sort of historical irony, Western Civilization begun collapsing first at the very place of its birth, Greece...

It is therefore needless to explain further why, I  was firstly tempted to paint the Tower;
however, I have been led by a forty-year experience in painting to profoundly suspect that Images,
as all symbols at that, are extremely powerful beings which may affect strongly the reality
into which their "creator" introduces them, after having them summoned from their platonic ideal plane.

It has been this thought which averted me from succumbing to the luring of the Tower's tragic grandeur and grim aesthetics. I would not risk - in the case this artistic, metaphysical intuition of mine is even remotely pragmatic - to aggravate, even with a few extra bits of what we came to call nowadays "negative energy", my nation's presently severe condition: We are, in effect, under foreign occupation - in the guise of imposed economical debts and EU / IMF "economical advisers" -  and under a crude fascist quisling junta - in the guise of a puppet "parliament".

I opted hence to conjure, with my painting of a definitely optimistic symbol, a definitely benign being to our aid. The Chariot is ideal for the job. It depicts a warrior driving triumphantly a chariot towed by two mythical beasts, powerful and equally unruly, so that the charioteer needs to constantly employ all his skill and might to keep them disciplined. Through this depiction the Chariot symbolizes the capacity of the human being to pursue a quest over all adversities and finally triumph, against all odds, by sheer willpower.

In my version of the Chariot, the Warrior is a child of about twelve (my younger son Telemachos obliged to pose) riding, in the midst of a thunderstorm, a sort of flying skate-board, towed by a hippogryph and a chimaera. I preferred the Warrior on the Chariot to be a contemporary Child on a Skateboard,  in my aim to underline my opinion that against our contemporary adversities, my people need to exert the power of our faith, together with that of our will. Faith in ourselves, faith in a Universe which tends to present itself to us with the very form we attribute to It. Optimism is what we need here for the Universe to "go our way" and children are distinguished for their optimistic faith which moves mountains.

In all, I tried, through this painting, to cast a spell supportive of my people - and of all peoples on the planet at that - in our struggle against Evil's contemporary incarnation, the international debt-monetary beast."

Michel Odysseus Yakoumakis

Latest works by Odysseus Yakoumakis on facebook here: 
and here:

Posted by thanos on Monday, September 17 @ 09:26:39 EDT (5063 reads)
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