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  George Petrohelos Fine Jeweler

Fine jeweler, George Petrohelos creates the sites collection of fine jewelry & amulets. His uniquely impressive fine jewelry creations and designs from several years back to present is unsurpassed.
George is widely respected in his field of expertise. Currently located in offices in central Chicago's diamond district in the 5 S. Wabash bldg.
He continues his very impressive craft of fine jewelry design. George studied diamonds and precious stones at the Gemological Institute of Ameria (GIA) of Chicago.
George Petrohelos was born in Athens, Greece and moved to Chicago in 1967 where he has been in the jewelry business from over 30 years.

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The Fool by Paul Harvey -1st Stuckist Tarot Card Exhibit Sept. 21st - London

Stuckist Tarot Card Exhibition The Fool - click here to view painting - Paul Harvey writes:

"It was a great opportunity to paint the Fool. Obviously there is a degree of autobiography in the painting-
in fact it's a self portrait,
only the third I have ever done. It has lots of elements usually found in other versions, so in many ways it
is quite traditional in approach.
For example, there is usually a dog within the design, in this case my dog Georgy.

The Fool is seen as the spirit in search of experience, and represents a mystical cleverness bereft of reason.
There is a romantic, childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world, an idea, for better or for worse,
that I can relate to. This reminds me of Stuckism. The flower represents his appreciation of beauty.

In 2008 Elsa Dax painted a portrait of me with the words beauty and fate on it- therefore the main inspiration
for the painting is her."

Posted by thanos on Tuesday, September 11 @ 21:01:51 EDT (3752 reads)
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1st Stuckist Tarot Card Exhibition Sept 21st - London UK

Stuckist Tarot Card Exhibition On Friday 21st of September until Friday 28th of Septemebr 2012 at the Islington Art Factory in Camden Road, Elsa Dax and Ella Guru organizing the 1st Tarot Stuckist Exhibition.
Address:ISLINGTON ARTS FACTORY, 2 Parkhurst Road Holloway, London, N7 0SF Info:|

There are 22 artists from all over the world such as Iran, Uk, France, USA, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic and New-Zealand. Each artist has chosen a major arcana to paint with their own interpretation.

The participating Stuckist Artists are:
Ella Guru (London, UK) - The Magician I
Jasmine Maddock (London, UK) - The High Priestess II
Peter Murphy (Leeds, UK) - The Empress III
Marketa Urbanova (Prague, Czeck Republic) - The Emperor IV
Joe Machine (Kent, UK) - The Hierophant V
Jonathon Coudrille (Cornwall, UK) - The Lovers VI
Odysseus Yakoumakis (Athens, Greece) - The Chariot VII
Eamon Everall (Aldershot, UK) - The Justice VIII
Annie Zamero (London, UK) – The Hermit IX
Artista Eli (Malaga, Spain) - The Wheel of Fortune X
Elsa Dax (Paris, France) - The Force XI
Philip Absalon (Norfolk, UK) - The Hanged man XII
Charles Thomson (Romford, UK) - Death XIII
Terry Marks (New-York, USA) - The Temperance XIIII
Alexis Hunter (New-Zealand, Auckland) - The Devil XV
Lapsking Hamed Dehnavi (Teheran, Iran) - The Tower XVI
Andrew Galbraith (Liverpool, UK) - The Star XVII
Jaroslav Valecka (Prague, Czech Republic) - The Moon XVIII
Virginia Andow (New-York, USA) - The Sun XIX
Farsam Sangini (Teheran, Iran) - The Judgement XX
Bill Lewis (Maidstone, UK) - The World XXI
Paul Harvey (Newcastle, UK) - The Fool 0

There will be also other guest artists to present their court cards.

The Tarot is the oldest card game in the world. Its origins are somewhat obscure. The most common theories link it
to ancient Egypt and early Kabbalists. Some people believe that a form of Tarot goes back to ancient China...
Posted by thanos on Tuesday, July 17 @ 22:56:57 EDT (4302 reads)
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