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The Fool's Journey by Tommy Philo

The Fool's Journey by Tommy Philo.. Life's Journey (Fool's Journey) Θ - Theta

The Fool’s journey represents everyone’s journey in life.
His card number is zero, because he is at the beginning
of his journey starting fresh and inexperienced.
The white flower he holds represents chastity and innocence
and the empty satchel he carries on his rod, stands for all
the gathering experiences ahead of him.

And so, he begins his journey leaping over the cliff carelessly.

The first person he meets is the Magician,
from where the number one comes from.
The Magician is a positive encounter.
On his table, he has strewn the four elements:
Earth, Fire, Air and Water.
With these, he gives the possibility to the Fool
to harness these Earthly forces along his journey
which represent cosmic consciousness.

The third card is the High Priestess.
She is the negative side. She represents our
‘Spiritual Mother’ who wants what’s best
for us but with an over controlling eye.
In the end, she is our mysterious consciousness.

Card number four is the Empress.
She stands for our ‘Earthly Mother’.
She is often interpreted as Demeter.
She represents Motherly protection
but at the same time possession.

Then, the Fool moves on to the Emperor.
The Emperor is our ‘Earthly Father’
and he represents logic, reason, and control.
He, along with the Empress is a couple representing
our parents.

Right after him comes, the Pope which is
our ‘Spiritual Father’
and along with cards three, four, and five,
they represent the ruling powers of the world
which the Fool has to face. The next two cards,
the Lovers and the Chariot should be viewed in succession,
for they are the challenges of everyday existence met.
They represent also desires which the fool has
to make a decision to whether or which he will
attempt them. It also represents the refusal of one’s
family for a mate of his own.

Since he’s spend so far a considerable amount of time in his
journey, the Fool is facing ever more challenges
that causes him suffering and disillusionment
and has to draw from the Strength inside of him he possesses.

The Hermit is the card that follows immediately after that.
He represents the search for deeper truth to questions
like ‘why’ or ‘how’. This makes the Fool look inward
and by the solitude of his soul to answer such questions.

The Wheel of Fortune is just a card that kicks him up
to the next level after he has inquired about himself
for a long time. It stands for the number ten, which is half
way through his Earthly or conscious journey.

From now on he will continue his Night or subconscious journey.
The next card number is the Hangman.
The Hangman is neither good nor bad, it just means staying still.
He is suspended, because his life is currently suspended and floating around.
He is just deliberating when to explode, that’s all.

Then comes Death. Death doesn’t actually mean the ending of things
forever but rebirth. Old habits have to end in order for new
ones to come along. One might consider Death as a cycle of events.

Temperance means equilibrium. The Fool has come a long way in realizing harmony
and balance by now, and needs to understand how to use them.

Then he meets the Devil. The Devil represents seduction. He alone activates
in us our material need for things and averts us from our goals.
He blurs our vision and clouds our minds with ignorance.

How can a Fool avoid such a card? With the next card; the Tower.
The tower is his Earthly prison which allows his passage of spirit
towards the celestial spheres. The Tower is our Ego force built
around our rational self.

The celestial spheres that follow are the Star, the Sun and the Moon
which stand for mystical rebirth. They all give him hope, calmness and vitality.

Judgment, card number twenty, brings to his awareness all things he has
faced and tested upon. His old self has been left behind and a new one has
been reborn. It is time for him to make a deeper judgment for himself now and
call out his authenticity.

The last card, the World, is the Anima Mundi, cosmic consciousness.
This represents full understanding and fulfillment.
His journey has ended with a new sense of imprinted experiences and
interactions along the way.

Although the Fool has reached a milestone in his travels, since this is a cyclic journey,
it can go on and on for extended understanding.....
Posted on Friday, November 09 @ 10:29:04 EST by thanos
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Re: The Fool's Journey by Tommy Philo (Score: 1)
by rickstr on Tuesday, March 19 @ 09:36:49 EDT
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Re: The Fool's Journey by Tommy Philo (Score: 1)
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Re: What really goes on in Frank's workshop? (Score: 1)
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Re: The Fool's Journey by Tommy Philo (Score: 1)
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Re: The Fool's Journey by Tommy Philo (Score: 1)
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