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George is widely respected in his field of expertise. Currently located in offices in central Chicago's diamond district in the 5 S. Wabash bldg.
He continues his very impressive craft of fine jewelry design. George studied diamonds and precious stones at the Gemological Institute of Ameria (GIA) of Chicago.
George Petrohelos was born in Athens, Greece and moved to Chicago in 1967 where he has been in the jewelry business from over 30 years.

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Posted by Thanos on Wednesday, October 19 @ 19:03:33 EDT (1143 reads)
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The beautiful ones hurt you every time

End Of The World - Ella Guru painting The beautiful ones hurt you every time.
Precisely because of that;
And, because they think their beauty makes them better.
There are some ones though who are beautiful
and good but they are rare and respect themselves
and have eyes and see what’s going on and hide
it from the unfairness of life. But most of the others,
the ones we are talking about here, are second-rate
immoral and use their outward appearance to put down others.

I know it’s really bad but how often do you see God or nature take
a little extra time to give you a cosmetic lift so you can stand
out from the average or even contest them?
If the beautiful wish to terminate a relationship,
they can do so on the spot and move on to someone
else with such unbelievable speed it’s just tragic
for the one left behind.

If the beautiful wish to put you down they can do
that too for they have this privilege of looking
the way they do and what they hell are you going
to say to them anyway? Even if you do,
they’ll dismiss you with a sarcastic smile or wave
of the hand because as I’ve stated before they think
that their beauty makes them better.
If the beautiful decide to steal and put the blame on you
through their beautiful lying they can do that as
without any real feeling running through their veins
for they are cold, cold people.
They hurt you every time, the beautiful ones, they do,
and their hurt is big, immense like craters of the moon
not baby scratches or anything like that.
Most of the times they do it with style too like
laughing maliciously when doing it.
But, let me tell you a secret: the beautiful ones,
don’t last, are the most insecure, the shallowest,
the emptiest of minds, because they never invested
time to learn anything they never considered real point
of views always checking their reflections in the mirror
always wanting compliments and always going out every night.
And when their beauty starts to peel off they go
and lose it not knowing how to adjust and preserve like
the rest of us with our average looks and then depression
hits crying all the time and they start doing drugs and alcohol
wishing to kill themselves because they can’t make it and then,
at that moment, what they need, is, one of us, one of the average
looking people, whom they’ve put down over the years to put them
down too just like they had done before telling them
that it’s not going to be ok and that nobody will date them
or even accuse them with our beautiful lies because
finally, is our payback time.

Poetry ©
Painting © Ella Guru
Posted by Philos on Saturday, April 04 @ 01:41:11 EDT (1749 reads)
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Time, is as diverse as the waters to the sea,
resilient, demanding, without a care.
To all between and all to share,
It encompasses every soul to see.

Past, history and far behind,
present, now and here to be.
Surrounding us in a luminous veil of decree,
somedays, so unkind!

Present, daily hectic, beginning to end,
curving a winding trail.
To a future unknown, possibly frail?
Stories forward an ear to lend.

Cards have fallen in place,
some up, some down!
Leaving me with tears and frown!
Some distance determined with space.

Future, to arrive each day forward,
delving deep within each soul.
Mankind, diverse as celestial poles!
Surely, as waters ebb shoreward.

Time, is past, present and future,
utilizing it becomes each man's task!
In shrouds of glory, may we bask.
Decided, decoded, yet undetermined, for each faithful suitor!

Painting Elysian Fields - Elsa Dax ©
Poetrty © - Mystic Lady

Posted by mysticlady on Sunday, January 25 @ 20:49:51 EST (1873 reads)
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Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups This Tarot Card represents a beautiful secure woman who you feel comfortable to be with she may be your smart lover or a married good nature woman with kids in your life.

This fair woman is usually a Leo sign in the horoscope. She seems very nice but she may have a shallow, one-dimensional personality and in times, can be a whiner and someone who worries too much.

The Queen of Cups can work as a teacher, lawyer, doctor, flight attendant, journalist, day care employee or a care giver.

At work: There is a change in the way.... don't be part of it make your own plans....
Also get in sync with your partners in your business before loosing your investments.
Get an advise from a lawyer and never lend money without legal papers.

In Love:You will figure out and find out more about your interest/lover, things you may find out things you did not know and you may not like.... be prepared....

Money: Don't over spend some one will ask you for a gift, try to avoid purchasing it for her, she is using you.
Future:Stay put till all other cards shows you the green light.

Reverse Card in the reading: It represents a immature lady who acts first and does not think of what will be the consequences. This card can also indicate that this woman may be of a psychic nature which can be dangerous to you.

Copyright ©
Painting Elsa Dax ©
Posted by thanos on Thursday, December 11 @ 21:05:14 EST (2446 reads)
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The Lovers - Full moon tonight

The Lovers We stole away the dawn
to reign always night
in the garden of delight
and by the statue of the fawn,

we made endless love
in this quietude of park
forever destined in the dark
with the starry dome above.

poetry Cardfortune©
Posted by thanos on Friday, December 05 @ 22:09:26 EST (1527 reads)
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Page of Cups

Page of Cups Page of Cups represents a messenger....
The Page of Cups Tarot card represents a young man or a woman,
a poet, writer ... look in your life... it may represent a child, a younger friend or a sibling...
even though he/she is young he/she is very intelligent and smart.

In the reading... it can symbolize a message to you... something new on the way...
maybe a child, a greeting card or may be a engagement or marriage
announced in your life.

This young person brings to you sensitivity, dreams, friendship,
full of poetry, compassion and freshness in your life....

Reversed - a dishonest young person in your life, it may take advantage of
your relationship/friendship, oversensitive personality.
This young person may be under the influence of controlled substances...
and if in the reading
it can indicate bad news and in pregnant woman maybe a miscarriage......

At work the Page of Cups indicates... New goals, projects, engagements...

Love: New love text messages in FaceBook... or SMS...

Money: You do ok, Credit score is increasing now

Future: Move ahead your relationship is maturing...

Painting Elsa Dax©
Posted by thanos on Wednesday, December 03 @ 22:45:18 EST (1856 reads)
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Cast the cards

Kaasik casts the cards Through the blossoming
of an old Leica
we are carried
to a black and white world
of a forgotten film’s slideshow
where between flung cards at stars
and table wine so fine
gestures theatrically her hand
as her beautiful lips smile

Poem - ©
Model - Kaasik Kas
Posted by Philos on Wednesday, September 10 @ 23:05:28 EDT (2520 reads)
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Ethereal love

The Start By Andrew Galbraith Evening-
Sapphire sky.

Far away,
a small brightness-

The Firststar.*

*Hesperus, planet Venus.

The Star Painting copyright © - Andrew Galbraith
Poetry by Tommy Philo copyright ©
Posted by Thanos on Saturday, December 21 @ 22:07:15 EST (5880 reads)
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Daemons by Tommy Philo

The Devil by Alexis Hunter It gets me in the evening
in those transitional zones
when the sky’s pixels turn and darken
dimming the inside of my soul too
as I’m sitting by the Starbucks window trying to write.
Both the night and the soul whisper to me.

“Go out! Now that you are young and beautiful
and the skin attracts. Go out to the city.”

And then promptly, I respond back inside

“Yeah, but who’s going to get this writing done?”

“Someone else will. Don’t you think there are other writers out there?”

“But that someone else is not me
and I am me
and these are my real feelings.
No one can write my feelings but me.”

One day you will want to go out dancing and your legs won’t let you.
One day you will want to look beautiful but your looks will have decayed.
One day you will want to drink but your body won’t allow it.

And in a very potent and persuasive way, they both have a point
and I am scarily convinced

as the darkness has now turned into blacknes.
And then…
I do exactly as commanded;
I pack my stuff,
go home,
fragrant my thin body
and go out.
I go out and get drunk
and flirt
and kiss
and dance
and then I come back drunk at dawn.
And when I do,
I see the pages unwritten,
my studies incomplete
and in a way
I turn into a weathered flower
from seeing my poor work undone,
but not completely sad
for to feel alive in the night,
for a hedonist like me it’s a pretty big deal.

Painting copyright© Alexis Hunter
Poerty copyright© for - Tommy Philo.
Posted by Thanos on Saturday, December 14 @ 12:33:57 EST (6043 reads)
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My 50s Birthday wish

Monde by Tommy Philo - Elsa Dax painting How can I miss,
your wavy-moving lips
that turn to me and hiss
of my desired sweetly kiss?

How can I abstain,
like a lover and his pain
without an umbrella in the rain
as I freeze and can’t refrain?

How should I act,
when your beauty is a fact
and my devotion is a pact
in accordance that you attract?

So allow for me to show,
how my lips on your lips can flow
on your divine face glow
cause without it I am in woe.

Painting Monde © Elsa Dax
Poem ©
Posted by Thanos on Thursday, December 05 @ 23:02:17 EST (6477 reads)
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Spicy Eyes...

The Lovers I like when you smile
how you smile with your eyes too
cause I see two smiley faces in there
and that's so rare and cute.

I like how you glance secretly
as if behind a tree
cause I do that similarly
in a very odd degree.

I like to think that when you leave
you think of love in the air
and that even though you're left
your love dances like Fred Astair.

I like how you exit with a glance
cause its such an Indian romance
and if fortune had not given you a chance
I wouldn't have been in a trance.

I like and love how you speak
and love and like how you leak
those pretty rays of your sunny face
that blind and torture my heart's space
cause in the end I can't resist
that emerald glow that you consist...

Copyright © - 11/16/2013 - Full Moon
Posted by Thanos on Saturday, November 16 @ 21:38:11 EST (6293 reads)
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For Rajni

Rajni Last night,
I looked at the Crescent moon
and thought how far it was
and then,
... then I thought
in times,
you are like the moon
and how far you are....
from me...

Painting Ella Guru ©
Poem ©
Posted by thanos on Sunday, July 14 @ 10:34:07 EDT (5363 reads)
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King of Swords

King Of Swords - Painting by Elsa Dax Mental Strength and Power. Cerebral capability

The man in the cards has gained the position in his life and status.
He has been established and secured from life’s disturbances.
There is a man of great intelligence and power in your life.
He is a figure of authority, father, husband, employer or teacher.
This King represents security, protection, and foundation.

Although he possesses all those attributes, it takes two to tango
so he is out there not only for your own benefit but for his as well,
the outcome will work reciprocally.

In money, choose safe investments bonds, gold, things
of great value that
through the centuries people have always
safely funded and received great results from.

In Love, it will take for a while to mature but it will last, and
falling two steps behind will project you a million miles ahead.

At work, make sure you follow the motions and work with the system rather against it.
Perform things normally just like everybody else and don’t try to overact in any way.
It is nice to be at the top and you should remain calm
while abiding there but do not forget always
that the sword of Damocles is always hanging over by a thin thread.

Reverse- A man of authority is not beneficial. He can only bring constraint
and stubbornness. There’s also an abuse of power and suffocating supremacy.

Writing copyright ©
Painting - Elsa Dax copyright ©
Posted by thanos on Monday, May 27 @ 18:27:14 EDT (6454 reads)
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CardFortune Amulets @ Jewelers Center in the historic Mallers Building - Chicago

Monique Fine Jewelry Now our CardFortune Amulets, Zodiac charms
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Monique's fine jewelry store located at the
Jewelers Center housed in the Mallers Building,
a magnificent Art Deco structure built in 1912.

With our one-of-a-kind creations
we're sure you will
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desires in Astrology and
Tarot based jewelry in special
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Monique's store is a family-owned for a generation and
Monique and her sister Victoria believe in building
personal one-on-one relationships with her clients.

Our expert designer (George Petrohelos), artisans, craftsmen in gold and diamond specialists will be happy to guide you in your selection.

We invite you to come in to the Jewelers Center and see why,
for millions of people, we’ve become a Chicago tradition.

Make your appointment today:

Monique Fine Jewelry ltd.
Jewelers Center
5 South Wabash Suite 804
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Tel:(312) 332-3762
Posted by thanos on Thursday, April 04 @ 23:00:29 EDT (6408 reads)
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Page Of Swords - Interpretation, Meaning

Page Of Swords Page or Jack of Swords - Early alarm, sirens are wailing

There is some sort of peculiar vigilance and spying.
This Page is feigning to be a loyal when in fact
the Page of Swords wants something else.
Be careful of hidden enemies within close proximity.
In your life, a young, beautiful person may come along
promising a relationship along with a rosy colored life
but stay on the watch, there is absolutely
no sincerity and maturity in his/her actions.

It has been all masked and that new vowing person is trying
to use you as an instrument to achieve his/her goals.

At work, you have the opportunity to prove yourself and to display your
employment skills but pay heed, and use your sword to slice through the fakery.
In Love someone is using you, coming up with ostensive reasons and forgery appearance.
For money, look for an official contract, a confidential on in your email,
or phone messages and make sure it has all the security of a trademark business stamp to trust.

Reverse - The situation is filled with deceit and double-dealing which
can also indicate and lead into sickness and physical decline.
This unpredictable behavior will lead to frustration, non-fulfillment and bafflement.

Interpretation & Meaning - ©
New Painting!!! - © Elsa Dax
Posted by thanos on Wednesday, April 03 @ 09:37:07 EDT (7576 reads)
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Strength (VIII)

The Strength Strength (Tarot Card - VIII) by Tommy Philo poetry

When the lion beast
wakes inside of you
when this savage animal
rattles the cage
wanting to destroy walls
smash windows
and rage everything to the ground
be wary
of this id-part of the soul
you are a woman
with a lemniscate of infinity over the head
you are the super-ego
diffuse those impulses
subdue them brilliantly
there’s nothing more beautiful
than a solid, balanced scale.
This in itself is a moderate picture. ©
Elsa Dax painting ©
Posted by thanos on Sunday, March 10 @ 21:06:03 EDT (4446 reads)
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The Lovers

The Lovers In the cycle of day and night
I look for you, I search for you
yet I don’t even know you
I’ve felt you inside dreams, thoughts,
seen your fingers and head
and you always find the way
like the wave rests on shore
like the river finds the sea
desire always binds me to you
sometimes it might be only an affair
other times a more grave relationship
but nevertheless...
when the call of my soul’s wind whispers
I go crazy for you, for us
and the fire never subsides
until my kiss
passes through your lips
and my soul inside quenches
touching something really human.

Tommy Philo - ©
Posted by thanos on Wednesday, March 06 @ 20:00:52 EST (4564 reads)
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CardFortune's Manifesto - Chapter 1 - The TAROT

Stuckist Tarot Deck The CardFortune's idea of Tarot has nothing
to do with wild predictions or augury or
fortune telling but more like used
as a divination tool to tap in
your own intuition to
indicate what’s going on
in the present which predicts
the future events.

It is a method of understanding
the current rhythms of one’s life
and working with them rather
than against them.

These problems can be worked out
or avoided.

The reading of the cards is used
to analyze a given situation
in a person’s life and by
diagnosing them and examining the past;
you can empower your life which
has created the present.

Remembering the archetypical images
in your head (as the psychologist
Carl Jung has suggested), and the facts
and knowledge that
they represent; can be applied
to your current situation and
make better choices based upon it.

This is a way to gain access into your unconscious which has stored the images of the Tarot.
By understanding what these cards stand for and being able through your own insight to correlate them to what is happening currently in your life, is the key to how your specific phase should be confronted.

Carl Jung also called this synchronicity; the coincidence of events that appear to be meaningful related but cannot be explained by accepted mechanism of cause and effect.
Since the cards symbolize one’s life phases and circumstances through life, it is also logical that everyone will pass through them at some point and time.
The technique here is to consider all of life’s problems junctures with an approach of an instinctive perception that the card’s symbolism allow for you to interpret.
There are times in life for beginnings and ends, times for departures and arrivals, times for choosing and contemplating, and if you can interpret the energies that come along with it, then you are more likely to succeed.

Here a famous quote by Einstein comes into mind, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way.” It has all to do with trying to find the most comfortable seat of existence as we are all looking for.

CardFortune is here to assist you by providing the needed guidance.
Soon we will launch the automated Tarot Readings page and our own complete "Mystic Potential Energy" Tarot a famous French artist.

Tarot Deck - Stuckist Tarot deck ©

Posted by philos on Wednesday, February 06 @ 14:43:47 EST (4991 reads)
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L'ermite - The Hermit Card (IX) - By Tommy Philo

L'ermite - The Hermit The Hermit (IX)

I look inside me
as if, inside a dream
I turn inversely, my mind’s eye
and see what I can see
my whole reflection
my whole introspection
like my soul contracted to a single dot
I’ve scatter the clatter and noises of life
so stillness can rule my heart’s dock
there’s only solitude
and only infinitude
the silence of a pole’s night
as I walk alone my soul’s road
having blown out the lantern light.

Poetry - Photo ©
Posted by Philos on Sunday, January 20 @ 15:23:42 EST (6254 reads)
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The Death Tarot Card XIII - by Tommy Philo - Painting Elsa Dax (c)

The Death Tarot Card XIII Death XIII

nothing but a profound change
a finding of an alternate way
a shifting from a night to day
an attitude from nay to yey.

the shedding of the skin
something old that’s become new
something short that has just grew
an escaped bird that has just flew

a road of fresh beginnings
the rising of a dessert sun
a dream that you’ve just won
and the excitement, of the number one

Posted by philos on Tuesday, January 15 @ 20:29:02 EST (4337 reads)
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2013 & the Wheel of Fortune by Tommy Philo - painting Elsa Dax (c)

Wheel of Fortune - by Elsa Dax With 2012 behind
and 2013 aligned
bad times are finally in the rear
as illuminating shines are approaching near
and the wheel of fortuna rolls them through
as the snake shades its skin in two
the turning point brings new surprises
from tomorrow’s sword’s gleam as it rises
the expansion of possibilities can only appear in tune
as the yesterday’s hour was full of gloom
this year’s moment is like a future’s machine
that won't tear in flight till it sees the unseen
and as the four spoke wheel rotates your change
your dream’s arrows will shoot beyond range
it’s all so wonderfully and fascinating true
this year's phase can only follow through...

2013 & the Wheel of Fortune by Tommy Philo - painting Elsa Dax ©

Poem & Picture animation - Copyright ©
Posted by philos on Sunday, December 30 @ 19:00:52 EST (4783 reads)
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12/21/2012 - has arrived.... in a humble way

2012 MysticLady writes:
The end of the world, as we knew it... according to the Mayan Calendar, Dec. 21, 2012
has arrived.

"Cardfortune-Divination" offers you the ability to delve into the world of multiple

Opportunities that offer hope and vision into the realm of possibilities, a
look beyond the "historic data" that is presently available.

Historically speaking, Dec. 21, 2012 has arrived, that is a known, but
"Cardfortune-Divination" will carry you beyond all historic dates. Yes,
carry you to a place where time stands still, the mind and chance
can reveal what could cross your path.

"Cardfortune-Divination" offers an unchartered vastness, to look within, to
create the opportunities, an aura for each human being who chooses to
encompass all possibilities available.

12/21/2012 is here... the end of 26,000 years cycle is a fact it has arrived in
the greatest possible the arrival of Kings in a
humble way...

Mystic Lady
Posted by thanos on Friday, December 21 @ 07:35:40 EST (3854 reads)
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The Hermit (IX) by Tommy Philo - Painting Elsa Dax (c)

The Hermit by Tommy Philo - Your outworn ideals
and old beliefs
have blotted out the sun
from my sky
and now...

I wander around... like Tiresias
in the land of far away Tauris
because of you...
in a "vision quest" for
the Truth Copyright ©
Posted by thanos on Saturday, December 08 @ 22:30:09 EST (4795 reads)
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The World (XXI) - Monde by Tommy Philo under 90% of Full Moon...

Monde by Tommy Philo - Elsa Dax painting “It is the World I want to arrive at” he said,
“What do you mean?” she said.
And he thought of completion,
and perfect unity,
and two halves joining,
and oneness,
and the tip of a pyramid,
and infinity plus one,
and a perfect sphere,
and repleteness,
and complete cycles,
and keys clicking,
and all things autotelic,
that don’t need a grain of deposit,
and when he had thought of all these thoughts
he said “Nah, nothing”.

“That’s what I figured” she said,
but when she turned her head around,
he whispered similarly like Galileo
“Eppure è il mondo 1”

* 1 – And yet it is the World! (Resonating Galileo’s response
before the Inquisition, Eppur si muove ~And yet it moves)

Poetry Copyright ©
Painting Copyright © Elsa Dax

Posted by Philos on Saturday, December 01 @ 18:55:43 EST (4291 reads)
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The Hanged Man/Pendu (XII) - Painting by Elsa Dax (c)

Hanged Man/Pendu by Elsa_Dax I’m not hanged
I’m just hanging around
taking a break from life
looking above the ground.

I’m taking one step behind
to reach two steps ahead
now that I can contemplate in rhyme
from the worries inside my head.

It’s it not time to be sad; it is not time to overload
as you can see from my inner peace on my face’s painted glow
and when the legs surrender loose and are finally letting go
after all that suspension, would be the moment to explode!

Copyright - ©
Posted by Philos on Sunday, November 25 @ 13:27:52 EST (3667 reads)
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Thanatos Longing for a smile, a light.
The dimming light takes elusive flight!

A bubble of darkness engulfs a soul.
Rolling, spinning out of control!

A soul, deeply searching the universe for peace,
looking, searching will never cease.

For on this road there is no light,
now or never ever bright.

The darkest abyss of cold,
grabs you with a forever hold!

Walking on, walking, stumbling feeling no pain,
what has this soul to gain.

Numbness becomes a subdued pleasure,
could it be something to forever treasure?

Oh "Wheel Card", friend or foe,
release one from a life of woe.

Slowly, slowly, goes this soul,
save, save from the "deepest and darkest hole".

"Star Card" reach out a hand,
pull this soul from this dark, distant land!

A lonely place, the mind they say-
no it doesn't have to be this way!

Could the card of life next flip?
Life fleeting like a hearts blip.

Anticipating the next card to show it's face,
"Chariot Card" give this soul some space.

So it is, the last falling card holds the key,
to what, will, this searching soul's destiny will be!

Will the cards answer this question? For some yes, for others,an eternal search.

Mystic Lady 11/22/12
Posted by MysticLady on Saturday, November 24 @ 13:28:23 EST (4173 reads)
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The Fool's Journey by Tommy Philo

The Fool's Journey by Tommy Philo.. Life's Journey (Fool's Journey) Θ - Theta

The Fool’s journey represents everyone’s journey in life.
His card number is zero, because he is at the beginning
of his journey starting fresh and inexperienced.
The white flower he holds represents chastity and innocence
and the empty satchel he carries on his rod, stands for all
the gathering experiences ahead of him.

And so, he begins his journey leaping over the cliff carelessly.

The first person he meets is the Magician,
from where the number one comes from.
The Magician is a positive encounter.
On his table, he has strewn the four elements:
Earth, Fire, Air and Water.
With these, he gives the possibility to the Fool
to harness these Earthly forces along his journey
which represent cosmic consciousness.

The third card is the High Priestess.
She is the negative side. She represents our
‘Spiritual Mother’ who wants what’s best
for us but with an over controlling eye.
In the end, she is our mysterious consciousness.

Card number four is the Empress.
She stands for our ‘Earthly Mother’.
She is often interpreted as Demeter.
She represents Motherly protection
but at the same time possession.

Then, the Fool moves on to the Emperor.
The Emperor is our ‘Earthly Father’
and he represents logic, reason, and control.
He, along with the Empress is a couple representing
our parents.

Right after him comes, the Pope which is
our ‘Spiritual Father’
and along with cards three, four, and five,
they represent the ruling powers of the world
which the Fool has to face. The next two cards,
the Lovers and the Chariot should be viewed in succession,
for they are the challenges of everyday existence met.
They represent also desires which the fool has
to make a decision to whether or which he will
attempt them. It also represents the refusal of one’s
family for a mate of his own.

Since he’s spend so far a considerable amount of time in his
journey, the Fool is facing ever more challenges
that causes him suffering and disillusionment
and has to draw from the Strength inside of him he possesses.

The Hermit is the card that follows immediately after that.
He represents the search for deeper truth to questions
like ‘why’ or ‘how’. This makes the Fool look inward
and by the solitude of his soul to answer such questions.

The Wheel of Fortune is just a card that kicks him up
to the next level after he has inquired about himself
for a long time. It stands for the number ten, which is half
way through his Earthly or conscious journey.

From now on he will continue his Night or subconscious journey.
The next card number is the Hangman.
The Hangman is neither good nor bad, it just means staying still.
He is suspended, because his life is currently suspended and floating around.
He is just deliberating when to explode, that’s all.

Then comes Death. Death doesn’t actually mean the ending of things
forever but rebirth. Old habits have to end in order for new
ones to come along. One might consider Death as a cycle of events.

Temperance means equilibrium. The Fool has come a long way in realizing harmony
and balance by now, and needs to understand how to use them.

Then he meets the Devil. The Devil represents seduction. He alone activates
in us our material need for things and averts us from our goals.
He blurs our vision and clouds our minds with ignorance.

How can a Fool avoid such a card? With the next card; the Tower.
The tower is his Earthly prison which allows his passage of spirit
towards the celestial spheres. The Tower is our Ego force built
around our rational self.

The celestial spheres that follow are the Star, the Sun and the Moon
which stand for mystical rebirth. They all give him hope, calmness and vitality.

Judgment, card number twenty, brings to his awareness all things he has
faced and tested upon. His old self has been left behind and a new one has
been reborn. It is time for him to make a deeper judgment for himself now and
call out his authenticity.

The last card, the World, is the Anima Mundi, cosmic consciousness.
This represents full understanding and fulfillment.
His journey has ended with a new sense of imprinted experiences and
interactions along the way.

Although the Fool has reached a milestone in his travels, since this is a cyclic journey,
it can go on and on for extended understanding.....
Posted by thanos on Friday, November 09 @ 09:29:04 EST (4012 reads)
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Poison .... Tommy Philo writes....for Poison by Ella Guru

I walked thru Paris after dark
hands in pockets
one hand holding a Leica
the other a flask.

I took L’Avenue des Champs Elysées
to Avenue de Cinchy
to Rue Lepic
and finally along Rue Norvins.

I walked thru the narrow meandering streets in Montmartre
and stopped outside a bar called Bar de la lune.
That’s where I saw you.

You turned around swiftly
and posed for me
I trembled at my knees
jaw was quavering
I fumbled for my Leica
I snapped you promptly
and then you moved away.

I left shaken and returned home.

I wasn’t Brassai
but when I developed the film later on
I felt like one.

You should have seen yourself that night
your porphyry hair
your swan feather scar
your poisonous chalice
you had yours
and I had mine
and as I lift my flask
I wonder where you are.

by Tommy Philo
Posted by philos on Thursday, October 18 @ 22:07:48 EDT (4245 reads)
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2012 - The End Of the World...

End Of The World - Ella Guru painting Tommy Philo writes ... The End Of the World -
Painting Ella Guru.....

a sunset fleeing
a cap that’s sealing

a river drying
a color dying

her eye is shutting
as feather is sliding

a center hitting
of her circle’s being

and it hinders spinning
as the music stops singing

the gramophone of her word
‘tis the end, the end of the world.

Posted by philos on Tuesday, October 16 @ 23:49:19 EDT (10606 reads)
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I Deal the Death Card painting - Ella Guru

I Deal the Death Card Tommy Philo writes for "The Death Card painting -Ella Guru"

You went away in the darkness

To some hotel room

Your chariot wheels rolling in my dreams

And I could only feel incomplete

Something chipped inside, like a lost tooth

I sat at night wondering

Picturing you in that hotel room

Of a bygone era

With chess floors

And one Velazquez on the wall

and a white dog for company

You went away and vanished

In colors of black and obscure purple

Like your hair, like your dress

Alone in a hotel room

Reading the cards

Drinking the green fairy

Arm’s tat detaching flowing in 3-d space

In front of crocodile’s eyes

You went away-

To a hotel on the edge of the world

Each of us alone

Each outside a long parenthesis

You said it is the darkest right before the dawn

And ideas will take flight again

And I sit here on a sea’s bench

And watch the world grow visible

One furtive glance around the Earth

And everything is born again

You were right.

Your absence was my strongest presence...
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Siamese Twins - Ella Guru 2012 The Tarot show is now on as part of:

UK Group Show


Staged at the invitation of Bermondsey

Project Resident Curator, Edward Lucie-Smith

5-21 October 2012 Mon – Sun, 1 - 6pm. Bermondsey Project,

46 Willow Walk, London SE1 5SF

Tel: 020 7036 2416
Click here for Ruth Dudley Edwards on Stuckist Turner Prize demo + Bermondsey Project show

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The First Stuckist Tarot Exhibition - London UK 21-28 September 2012

Stuckist Tarot Show Video
Posted by thanos on Saturday, September 29 @ 23:05:25 EDT (4247 reads)
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The First Stuckist Tarot Exhibition

Eamon, Charles,  Annie The 1st Tarot Exhibition Curated by Elsa Dax and Ella Guru
21-28 September 2012

Mon – Weds 10am – 11pm, Thurs 10am – 10pm, Fri 10am – 7.00pm, Sat 10am – 5.30pm, Sun 11am – 5.30pm
Islington Arts Factory, 2 Parkhurst Road, Holloway, London N7 0SF
Holloway Road tube station
Tel 020 7607 0561

Gallery site:

Paintings by Ella Guru, Jasmine Maddock, Peter Murphy, Markéta Urbanová,
Joe Machine, Jonathon Coudrille, Odysseus Yakoumakis, Eamon Everall,
Annie Zamero, Artista Eli, Elsa Dax, Philip Absolon, Charles Thomson, Terry Marks, Alexis Hunter, Lapsking Hamed Dehnavi, Andrew Galbraith, Jaroslav Valec(ka, Virginia Andow, Farsam Sangini, Bill Lewis, Paul Harvey, Chris Yates, Jane Kelly, Jacqueline Jones, and Nick Christos.
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Elsa Dax with Ella Guru and Angelique - The First Stuckist Tarot Exhibition

Elsa Dax with Ella Guru and Algelique The 1st Tarot Exhibition Curated by Elsa Dax and Ella Guru
21-28 September 2012

In the picture Elsa, Ella and Algelique

Mon – Weds 10am – 11pm, Thurs 10am – 10pm, Fri 10am – 7.00pm, Sat 10am – 5.30pm, Sun 11am – 5.30pm
Islington Arts Factory, 2 Parkhurst Road, Holloway, London N7 0SF
Holloway Road tube station
Tel 020 7607 0561
Gallery site:

Paintings by Ella Guru, Jasmine Maddock, Peter Murphy, Markéta Urbanová,
Joe Machine, Jonathon Coudrille, Odysseus Yakoumakis, Eamon Everall,
Annie Zamero, Artista Eli, Elsa Dax, Philip Absolon, Charles Thomson, Terry Marks, Alexis Hunter, Lapsking Hamed Dehnavi, Andrew Galbraith, Jaroslav Valec(ka, Virginia Andow, Farsam Sangini, Bill Lewis, Paul Harvey, Chris Yates, Jane Kelly, Jacqueline Jones, and Nick Christos.
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SERENE WATERS - Painting KYNANCE: WINTER TIDE by Jonathon X. Coudrille

Many many days have past
One month, two months, many more,
Images of  sunsets, once prominent now fleeting
Crystal waters along beaches flow forward and back
Miles of  sandy beaches once filled with summer visitors,
 outline the coastal waters, now empty.
Frothy sea waters, creep onto the empty beaches.
A bright sun rises and later sets with serene lines casting vibrant
pastel shadows on pristine waters,
 as the sun slowly sinks into the western horizon.
The day ends, silence slips over the countryside,  the eastern
universe sleeps!
A story that never changes.
There is no " beginning"  and there is no " end ".
Pristine waters will continue to ebb until man's final footsteps
are covered with sand.
Savor these coastal images,  they will survive all mankind !

Posted by mysticlady on Saturday, September 22 @ 10:25:31 EDT (5566 reads)
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CardFortune's Mystic Lady author & poet - Revealed

Mystic Lady Many friends and members of our web-site have inquired
about  the identity of our Mystic Lady....
In this special eve of the 1st Tarot Stuckist show in London (09/21/2012).
CardFortune reveals Mystic Lady... to our followers....

Mystic Lady Biography

Mystic Lady (Yvonne Baker), was born in a small port town, Oswego, New York  on the shores of Lake Ontario at the mouth of the Oswego River. 
Oswego is also the home of Fort Ontario which dates back to the days of the British.  

After attending the State University College at Oswego, Yvonne was relocated with her family in 1978 to Chicago.
Once in Chicago, she continued her writing career by studying Screenplay Writing with various classes both in Chicago and at Northwestern University. To date, she has completed many full length screenplays and one co-written with her son, along with several poems and lyrics to songs.  

Many times Yvonne has been asked, by people to write for weddings and other special occasions.
Music has been a constant source of comfort and great inspiration for Yvonne.
Yvonne have played the piano, accordion and sung in choirs for many years.
Inspiration can come from anywhere...anytime!   Robert Frost and Henry David
Thoreau are two of Yvonne's favorite poets among many. Artists see things differently than most people. 

A picture retained in one's memory can be a source of the next great writing or creation.
About 10 years ago her creativity took a different path as she began attending
jewelry making and design classes, in Chicago area.

Through the help of many friends jewelry has become very prominent in her daily life.  Being able to create beautiful and unique pieces is very rewarding to her. Her creations can be found at
As an artist in many disciplines Yvonne constantly inspired by her surroundings
from the coastal waters to the highest mountains, the skies with the arrays of
every changing clouds, the amazing sunrises and sunsets of the world, unknown forest

"People themselves are inspirational.  You never know when or where that next
written word will come from!"

Mystic Lady


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The First Stuckist Tarot Exhibition

Stuckist Show Banner The First Stuckist Tarot Exhibition Curated by Elsa Dax and Ella Guru

21-28 September 2012
Mon – Weds 10am – 11pm, Thurs 10am – 10pm, Fri 10am – 7.00pm, Sat 10am – 5.30pm, Sun 11am – 5.30pm
Islington Arts Factory, 2 Parkhurst Road, Holloway, London N7 0SF
Holloway Road tube station
Tel 020 7607 0561 Email gallery: Gallery site:

Paintings by Ella Guru, Jasmine Maddock, Peter Murphy, Markéta Urbanová, Joe Machine, Jonathon Coudrille, Odysseus Yakoumakis, Eamon Everall, Annie Zamero, Artista Eli, Elsa Dax, Philip Absolon, Charles Thomson, Terry Marks, Alexis Hunter, Lapsking Hamed Dehnavi, Andrew Galbraith, Jaroslav Valec(ka, Virginia Andow, Farsam Sangini, Bill Lewis, Paul Harvey, Chris Yates, Jane Kelly, Jacqueline Jones, and Nick Christos.

Private view with live music by Balabustah: Friday 21 September 2012, 7-9pm.
Email artists: for invite.

Posted by thanos on Thursday, September 20 @ 21:29:51 EDT (4466 reads)
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Alexis Hunter. The Devil XV, Stuckist Tarot. London 21012

The Devil by Alexis Hunter Alexis Hunter writes... The Devil (Tarot Card XV) click here to view painting...
‘The Devil’ in the Tarot Pack depicts danger, from sexual power, false
materialism and hubris.

The Stuckist ideology states that a Stuckist artist’s work should be topical and personally expressive in order to separate us from traditional painters. I have used an image of the leering face of my Kosovan Builder, an ex soldier and refugee from the Balkan War, for the face of my Devil.
Self portraits of my husband and me are at the bottom of the picture, naked and chained by the neck to the devils’ post by golden chains, being licked by the flames of hell.

This image represents the situation of ‘having the builders in’. ‘Is it worth it?’ ‘Is it for status for other people eyes or is it only to better your surroundings?’  Anxiety beleaguers us when spending on modern credit.

Additionally to lose the privacy of one’s home, and to have younger fitter men in one’s personal space every day, brings up the spectre of transgressive sexuality, no matter how repressed.

Alexis Hunter, London 2012

Posted by thanos on Thursday, September 20 @ 20:45:13 EDT (4784 reads)
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The Empress III by Peter Murphy Tarot Card Exhibition Show Sept 21st - London UK

The Empress by Peter Murphy The Empress III Tarot Card  Click here to view painting...

Peter Murphy writes...
"The subject of my painting, The Empress, was the card that I wanted to paint as soon as Ella contacted me with the idea for the show.

The subject matter I felt would not only suit my painting style, ie, egg tempera and gold leaf on
gessoed panel, but also dovetailed rather spookily with an idea that had been percolating since earlier in the
year after exhibiting two of my large heavily gilded 'Rock Icon' altarpiece style panel paintings at the very opulent Belvedere Palace in Vienna.

Researching The Empress Tarot, I was struck by how ancient and profound the ideas the image strives to
express are, the symbolism utilized in the traditional artwork for the card crosses time, cultural and theological boundries and unites them in an all encompassing visual expression of the idea of bounty.
Not only material wealth but the world regenerating itself through the feminine, through fertility, through bursting harvests and flower carpeted meadows, teeming pulsating beauty, both sensual and holy.

The ideas expressed through The Empress Tarot iconography encompasses all theologies, including ancient
Babylonian, Egyptian, Classical Greek and Roman and even includes the Orthodox Christian idea, expressed
in traditional icons of Mary the Mother of God, or God Bearer.

In some early tarot decks The Empress carries a shield with the double
headed eagle, the symbol of The Holy Roman and Byzantine Empires, the eagle staring both east and west,
shorthand for universal authority. I decided to make my version of The Empress a variation on the Eastern
Christian Theotokos Hodegitria icon, this is traditionally believed to be the earliest type of Christian image of Mary, Hodegitria means 'she who shows the way' in Greek and she usually indicates with a pointing finger to the
Christ Child, 'the way' enthroned in the crook of her arm, blessing the viewer.She is wearing the traditional purple and gold embroidered robes of the Empress of Byzantium.

I replaced the traditional Christ Child with a dollar bill, the current universal symbol of wealth or
material bounty,as a surreal twist and as perhaps a rather heavy handed suggestion that maybe
today's society has lost its way somewhat and replaced ancient wisdom, values and truths with
an overriding veneration of financial wealth. "

Peter Murphy
Posted by thanos on Tuesday, September 18 @ 01:04:33 EDT (4520 reads)
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Michael Odysseus Yakoumakis (Athens, Greece) The Chariot VII Tarot Card

The Chariot - Michel Odysseus Yakoumakis Michael Odysseus Yakoumakis (Athens, Greece) - The Chariot VII Tarot Card

"I have chosen the Chariot as much as It, has chosen me... When I have been invited by Elsa at the Stuckist Tarot Exhibition, most of the cards were already chosen by others. Four were remaining and as I left one more week to pass before making up my mind finnaly to participate, two were left. The Chariot and The Tower.

In the beginning I was intrigued by the Tower: Being a Greek and living in Greece nowadays, gives me the opportunity to experience the final crisis and dismantling of our Western Civilization first hand and - moreover - right where this dismantling appears at its more advanced stage. By some sort of historical irony, Western Civilization begun collapsing first at the very place of its birth, Greece...

It is therefore needless to explain further why, I  was firstly tempted to paint the Tower;
however, I have been led by a forty-year experience in painting to profoundly suspect that Images,
as all symbols at that, are extremely powerful beings which may affect strongly the reality
into which their "creator" introduces them, after having them summoned from their platonic ideal plane.

It has been this thought which averted me from succumbing to the luring of the Tower's tragic grandeur and grim aesthetics. I would not risk - in the case this artistic, metaphysical intuition of mine is even remotely pragmatic - to aggravate, even with a few extra bits of what we came to call nowadays "negative energy", my nation's presently severe condition: We are, in effect, under foreign occupation - in the guise of imposed economical debts and EU / IMF "economical advisers" -  and under a crude fascist quisling junta - in the guise of a puppet "parliament".

I opted hence to conjure, with my painting of a definitely optimistic symbol, a definitely benign being to our aid. The Chariot is ideal for the job. It depicts a warrior driving triumphantly a chariot towed by two mythical beasts, powerful and equally unruly, so that the charioteer needs to constantly employ all his skill and might to keep them disciplined. Through this depiction the Chariot symbolizes the capacity of the human being to pursue a quest over all adversities and finally triumph, against all odds, by sheer willpower.

In my version of the Chariot, the Warrior is a child of about twelve (my younger son Telemachos obliged to pose) riding, in the midst of a thunderstorm, a sort of flying skate-board, towed by a hippogryph and a chimaera. I preferred the Warrior on the Chariot to be a contemporary Child on a Skateboard,  in my aim to underline my opinion that against our contemporary adversities, my people need to exert the power of our faith, together with that of our will. Faith in ourselves, faith in a Universe which tends to present itself to us with the very form we attribute to It. Optimism is what we need here for the Universe to "go our way" and children are distinguished for their optimistic faith which moves mountains.

In all, I tried, through this painting, to cast a spell supportive of my people - and of all peoples on the planet at that - in our struggle against Evil's contemporary incarnation, the international debt-monetary beast."

Michel Odysseus Yakoumakis

Latest works by Odysseus Yakoumakis on facebook here: 
and here:

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Philip Absalon (Norfolk, UK) - The Hanged man XII Tarot Card

TheHangedMan The Hanged Man XII Tarot Card - Click Here to view painting

Philip Absalon (Norfolk, UK) - The Hanged Man XII Tarot Card

Philip writes:

"The hanged man is symbolic representative of greedy bankers &
stock brokers hanged by their own greed ...
and I am doing it as part of the government's work program apparently?"


Posted by thanos on Friday, September 14 @ 00:25:07 EDT (4680 reads)
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Jonathon Coudrille (Cornwall, UK) - The Lovers VI Tarot Card

The Lovers JXC The Lovers Card by J.X. Coudrille Click here to view painting...

About the artist...

"J.X. Coudrille studied in the mid twentieth Century with the late Vidar l'Estrange and thus had access
to the original books and manuscripts of Elíphas Lévi.
In this particular image of the VIth card the symbolism is many layered,
and is happy to include the Obvious..."

More info @
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The Fool by Paul Harvey -1st Stuckist Tarot Card Exhibit Sept. 21st - London

Stuckist Tarot Card Exhibition The Fool - click here to view painting - Paul Harvey writes:

"It was a great opportunity to paint the Fool. Obviously there is a degree of autobiography in the painting-
in fact it's a self portrait,
only the third I have ever done. It has lots of elements usually found in other versions, so in many ways it
is quite traditional in approach.
For example, there is usually a dog within the design, in this case my dog Georgy.

The Fool is seen as the spirit in search of experience, and represents a mystical cleverness bereft of reason.
There is a romantic, childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world, an idea, for better or for worse,
that I can relate to. This reminds me of Stuckism. The flower represents his appreciation of beauty.

In 2008 Elsa Dax painted a portrait of me with the words beauty and fate on it- therefore the main inspiration
for the painting is her."

Posted by thanos on Tuesday, September 11 @ 21:01:51 EDT (4347 reads)
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The World by Bill Lewis -1st Stuckist Tarot Card Exhibit Sept. 21st - London

The World By Bill Lewis Bill Lewis writes The World:...........(Click here to view The World painting):

"The card I have painted is The World.
Usually on this card there is a naked woman dancing known as the Hermaphrodite.

I decided to depict her/him as having aspects of both sexes
which in a sense is in keeping with the original implied symbolism.

 The other symbols are traditional and represent either the gospels
or astrological signs (probably both!) as christian and pagan
symbolism mix in the cards."

Bill Lewis was one of the 13 founder members of Stuckism.

Bill Lewis was also one of the six Medway Poets and he has performed his poetry in England,
USA, Nicaragua, Germany and France and on TV and radio on both sides of the Atlantic.

His latest book of poetry "In The House Of Ladders" is availble on line from most
major booksellers. ISBN 978-0-9571829-0-5
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The Star by Andrew Galbraith

The Start By Andrew Galbraith Andrew Galbraith writes The Star...(Click here to view painting):

"The figure, is based partly on a life drawing and from imagination. In the painting, the naked woman symbolizes nature and she is releasing a goldfish into the stream.

Being unfamiliar with the Tarot, I had to research the meaning of The Star card and liked the positive interpretations I found, such as “calmness, love, trust, tranquility, peace of mind, hope, serenity, inspiration, generosity, optimism, joy, faith, regeneration, good will, harmony and renewal“. To me, the goldfish in the painting serves as a metaphor for the human soul which is being set free by nature into more natural surroundings.

I have added a mayfly which rises into the air from the stream to meet with the light of the star. The early stage or nymph of the mayfly is spent swimming in fresh water where it spends most of it‘s life hidden from view. When they emerge as
adults to reproduce they are short lived and are alive for just one day. This mayfly represents the mystery and uncertainty of life, renewal and hope.

The mayfly is painted from life, magnified from a rare fossil mayfly preserved in a Baltic amber stone that dates back to the Eocene epoch, 40 million years ago.

For the bird in the tree I decided upon a peacock that nature holds in her left hand, while the peacock stares into the starlight. This represents
renewal connected to the eternal, suggesting endless possibilities for the future. The peacock is based on one I had seen sitting high up in the branches of an oak tree near a local farm. Peacocks grow new feathers every year.

In Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, the peacock symbolizes various ideas within these beliefs.
In Christianity for example, they are said to be a symbol for eternal life.

In Greek-Roman mythology, the goddess Hera had the hundred eyes of Argus preserved forever in the tail of the peacocks. The “eyes” in the tail feathers are said to symbolize the vault of heaven and the "eyes" of the stars."

Andrew Galbraith

August 2012|

Posted by thanos on Monday, September 03 @ 20:54:56 EDT (5007 reads)
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